About Temper Mechanical

Ron Hamilton, Founder & Owner


Licensed Texas Contractor: TACLA 92943C

Committed to Excellence

Playing defensive line on the University Of New Mexico’s football team and graduating with a degree in finance and a masters in marketing, Ron Hamilton never visualized himself as someone who would work in the HVAC industry, but today he can confidently say it has been a blessing.

Although he founded Temper Mechanical in 2018, he was no stranger to the HVAC industry, seeing as his dad worked in HVAC repair while he was growing up. When he was encouraged to pursue a career in heat and AC repair, Ron found it to be an amazing opportunity to help families feel comfortable year-round and grateful for their HVAC system, so he studied diligently to become a licensed and certified HVAC contractor.

He has won numerous awards in business excellence and has successfully started and operated numerous businesses throughout the US. Ron’s dedication to his customers’ needs have led Temper Mechanical to become one of the premier HVAC and mechanical companies in the Houston area. His mission is not only to meet the needs of each customer, but to make them a lifelong client he would be glad to help.

Ensuring Comfort at any Temperature

Temper Mechanical’s Houston HVAC Experts are committed to providing customers with comfort at any temperature. Whether you need assistance with heating/furnace or air conditioning repairs, rest assured that we are ready to take on the job so you don’t melt in the summer or freeze in the winter.

At Temper Mechanical, we believe that our 3 C’s are what make for an outstanding experience.


Clarity relates to transparent customer service and clear communication. Clarity is key to developing a trusting relationship with our customers and offering them the solutions they actually need–no more, no less. We will inform you on the problem your HVAC is experiencing, how we will proceed, and what this means for your home or commercial property. 


Compassion is yet another characteristic we place significant value on in order to offer the best possible service. We understand that when dealing with your HVAC issues, your safety matters just as much as–if not more than–our knowledge and expertise, and we provide ethical service so you don’t have to worry about ever being overcharged. When comfort is your top priority, it is our responsibility to make it ours as well with compassionate service.


Locally owned and operated, we take great pride in giving our fellow Houstonians the comfort they require in their home and/or commercial property. We achieve this with a cost-efficient approach. Our top-notch equipment paired with our compassionate and ethical service means you get great value out of our competitive pricing.


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