Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

HVAC Installation & Repair Services In Houston, Texas

With temperatures on the rise, air conditioning is more than just a luxury. It’s a basic Life necessity! Let us help preserve your need for proper comfort and safety!

Air Conditioning Repair

Houston is known for its ever-changing weather. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your air conditioning system is working at optimal level. If your system has a malfunction or breaks down completely, fear not. You’re A/C is in good hands. You can count on our certified and licensed technicians to thoroughly inspect the system, explain the problem, and provide you with affordable solutions. Our Temper Technicians are licensed and insured, to handle any job. They will thoroughly inspect your unit and provide you with a flat rate pricing on all ac repairs before the job is started, so there are no surprises.


Air Conditioning Installation

Think it may be time for a new A/C system? You’ve came to the right place. Most homeowners very often fail to recognize the warning signs that signal their air conditioner’s useful service life is about to end. Especially in units that are constantly running often need to be replaced much sooner than others. If you are experiencing below par comfort, rising utility cost, expensive repair cost, or even that you suspect your A/C unit may be outdated. It could be time to start shopping for a new AC system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like a routine oil change in your car. Taking the proper steps to ensure that your A/C is running at optimal level, can significantly extend the life of your unit. Something as simple as changing your air filter every other month, can not only improve the air quality in your home but also help keep your system healthy. Contact one of our Temper Techs to schedule an inspection and tune up. Our licensed technicians will give your A/C a much-needed boost of life and give you tips on how to properly maintain your systems optimal performance.


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