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We Install Nest Smart Home Products

Our expert Houston HVAC specialists and technicians have the experience and knowhow to install Nest Smart Home products.

Nest Thermostats

Want a way to upgrade your home and save energy and money? Temper Mechanical is here to install your new Nest Thermostat with ease. Don’t worry about doing it yourself. We got you covered! Powered by Google, The Nest Thermostat E uses built-in sensors and your phone’s location to turn itself down when you’re away. And, when you choose an energy-saving temperature. Change the temperature with the Nest app from anywhere you are – a different city, on your way home from work, or even your couch. The Nest thermostat works with your phone and Google home, so you can adjust things with the touch of a button or your voice, turning your house into a Houston Smart Home.

Houston Smart Home Nest Thermostat - Temper Mechanical
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Nest Products

It’s time to upgrade your home and protect it. What better way to get more protection from your smoke alarm than to upgrade it to the new Nest Protect! It’s time to expect more from your average smoke alarm. Nest Protect has been designed to do the job. It has a split-spectrum sensor that tests itself automatically. It’s the first home alarm you can hush from your smartphone without any hardware required. It tells you what’s wrong and best of all, you get the alert directly on your phone! To top it off, it has a lifespan of at least 10 years!

Nest Cams

While the Nest Protect watches over the inside of your home, the Nest Cameras protect everything you love on the outside of your home. Nest cams plug directly into power so it won’t miss a beat. It can send notifications to your phone, it has 24/7 live video, records in 1080p HD, with 3 hour snapshot history, and even has built in night vision! Nest Cameras are at the top of the game when it comes to home security. Give us a call today to get a quote on installation and Nest Cams today.

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