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Thermal Comfort Through All Seasons

For comfy indoor temperature and pristine air quality, you can rely on the HVAC products of Trane by Trane Technologies. Trane provides innovative solutions for enhancing indoor environments through a portfolio of indoor environment and climate solutions, energy and sustainability services, and building automation systems. As a prominent supplier of heating and cooling solutions for residential and commercial spaces, Trane is renowned for its reliability, innovation, and its specific push for decarbonizing the HVAC industry.

Why Choose Trane Products?

Choose Trane products for your HVAC needs, and you're selecting a brand synonymous with innovation, reliability, and environmental responsibility. With a legacy spanning over a century, Trane consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. Their comprehensive range of products, from chillers to air handlers, is designed to provide unmatched performance, ensuring optimal comfort while minimizing environmental impact and operating costs.

Temper Mechanical Day and Night
Temper Mechanical Day and Night


Trane's chillers exemplify precision cooling for large commercial buildings. Employing advanced technologies, these systems provide efficient temperature control while minimizing energy consumption. The extensive range ensures scalability to suit various facility sizes and requirements.

Air Handlers

Trane's air handling units are crafted for optimal air distribution, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. These units integrate seamlessly with diverse building designs and HVAC systems, offering flexibility and efficiency in air management.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Trane's VRF systems are designed for precise temperature control in different zones, promoting energy savings and individualized comfort. These systems adapt to changing conditions, making them ideal for spaces with varying heating and cooling needs.

Packaged Rooftop Systems

Trane's rooftop systems combine reliability and efficiency for commercial spaces. These packaged units offer a space-saving design, easy installation, and intelligent controls, making them a preferred choice for businesses seeking hassle-free HVAC solutions.

Day and Night Installation HVAC
Day and Night Installation HVAC

Ductless Systems

Trane's ductless HVAC systems provide flexible and efficient climate control without the need for extensive ductwork. Ideal for spaces with specific zoning requirements, these systems offer targeted comfort while minimizing energy wastage.

Controls and Building Automation

Trane's controls and building automation solutions empower facility managers to optimize HVAC performance. With intuitive interfaces and advanced technology, these systems enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and contribute to sustainable building management.

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